Property sales and rentals


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We offer our clients real estate photography by qualified experts with extensive experience in the art using professional equipment.

Architectural photography and shooting interiors today has become an integral part of successful sales in real estate. Here, as elsewhere, it is important to show the objects in the best light.

It is important that exterior and interior photography was not only high quality but also carried the specific information that interests tenants and buyers.

In the absence of a professional approach, photo of property can not reflect the real benefits of the object or disclose of his strengths. Photography - this is the "face" of ads. Photo of real estate of poor quality only discourages potential customers and clients.

The most important factor in real estate photography has been and remains a skill of the photographer, his experience and qualifications. He chooses the most successful angle shots, puts visual accents, select lighting, organizes interior layout and highlights features of the object.

The technique used impacts on the quality of images. Experts researches say that ads with pictures taken by professional technician attract the consumer's attention two times more than ads with photos made by «point and shoot».

Modern architectural photography, as well as interior photography - is a complicated process that includes the preparation of photo shoots, shooting and post-processing of images.


Here you can order both classical photography and the creation of circular and spherical 3D-panoramas and 3D-virtual tours.

Virtual Tour - is a unique method of demonstrating the interior, providing an opportunity to present clearly and effectively any premises or property. Each visitor will be able to choose their own direction, moving the object and viewing it from different angles and perspectives.

Virtual 3D-panoramas can be placed in the Internet and displayed on the big screens for presentations. You can record a virtual tour on the presentation drives or any other external storages and display it on the laptop screen, tablet or phone in a personal meeting with clients and carrying out activities.


The classic photography of the property: architectural + interior shot: Includes departures on the object, photography, post-processing, preparing images for printing and the preparation of images for WEB format.

15 shots - 6 000 ฿

20 shots - 8 000 ฿

30 shots - 10 000 ฿


1 spherical panorama - 2 500 ฿

+ each subsequent view - 2 000 ฿

Creating a virtual tour - 2 000 ฿