Property sales and rentals


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Real Estate in Phuket

Exotic Phuket Island combines the beauty and uniqueness of wildlife, comfortable climate, turquoise water and white sand on the secluded beaches of the Andaman Sea. Thai massage, spa treatments, diving, fishing, nightlife, many festivals and celebrations - this famous resort attracts tourists from all over the world , expats, investors and fans of the beautiful holiday with high standards of living.

ThaiBuyHome company provides services for the sale of the property, investment, short-term or long-term lease to stay and relax. We perform legal support of transactions of buying and renting properties in Phuket, provide information about the infrastructure, providing the best value for money in the property market in Thailand.

If you aspire to the comfortable and secluded relaxation without noisy neighbors behind the walls of a hotel room - our offer to you.

We offer to buy or to rent Phuket villa, house, apartment, townhouse, condo, apartment or a bungalow near the beach - with a seating area, pool, garden, parking, etc. We help to rent a house with flexible lease term, from two days to a few months at an attractive price.

Real Estate Investment

Construction in Phuket is one of the most promising sectors . Market develops and liquid investment projects are sold out long before construction is complete. According to forecasts , the boom will continue until the 2025-2030 year. Many people are rushing to buy a villa or a house in Phuket or on the other islands of Thailand , as it combines western standards of luxury and ambiance of living in a tropical style . A guaranteed return on investment of 6-8% per annum, with an apartment, villa or apartment , you can rent during the low season ( 45-60 days ).

Property For Sale in Phuket

Buying property in Thailand is possible in several ways, and all of it - with the shortest payback period:

1) On the secondary market from the person who previously bought an apartment, villa, house, apartment from the developer. Housing can be as ready for occupancy, and is under construction. We will help you to buy a property, but in Phuket its quantity is limited. Many homes are holding up to the commissioning.

2) Ready to move in property in Thailand - the best option without risk, because you personally see that you are buying.

3) Property under construction. Lucrative option when you are ready to make 15-30% of the sale price in the contract and pay the remaining amount when it is ready. Usually from the beginning of construction to commissioning "turnkey" runs for 1 year. Deciding to buy a property in Phuket, you will save 30 to 50% of its value.

Real Estate for Rent

Each villa on the island has a number of features that affect its value. Garden, swimming pool, parking, security, beach within walking distance, along with other variables such as living area and site quality finishes, number of bedrooms, area and duration of the lease, can greatly affect the price of housing.

It is difficult to rent (and buy) a house, villa or other property in Phuket inexpensive in high and peak season. If you combine the low season and the tenure of 3 months or more, you can negotiate a good discount.

Individual apartment or villa in Phuket is close to the price of rooms in 4-5 * hotels, but note that you can remove with a large company or a few families.

ThaiBuyHome agency provides transparency of transactions with liquid real estate in Phuket, professional legal support and decent service. We will help you to buy an apartment or villa in Thailand, rent a house or bungalow in Phuket, become the owner of investment property - quickly, inexpensively and with a guarantee that it will be the best of the available options.